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Letter's From Santa 

Letters to Santa
Mini Photo Sessions


Schedule a photo session to capture the magic of sending a letter to Santa!

Join us 

Saturday, November 18th or Sunday, November 19th

Available sessions time for each day are:

AM:  9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30

PM:  12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00

Schedule your session here

Photo Sessions are $75.00

  • sessions will begin promptly at the scheduled time and we recommend arriving 15 minutes early.  

  • when your session begins, there will be a 5 minute "set-up" followed by 20 minutes of photo and 5 minutes of "wrap-up" transition

  • There are 3 sides of the playhouse for photo opportunities, the front with the "Letters to Santa" mailbox for your child to send their letter to Santa (see Letters to Santa below), the picnic table side where cookies and milk can be available, and the hot cocoa side

  • You will receive a link to your 15 edited photos by December 1st and can download & print as many as you'd like (the link is accessible for 6 month)


Optional add-ons for your photo session:

  • Personalized XL Cookies:  $12.00/cookie

  • Milk & (6) Christmas Cookies:  $25.00

  • Letter FROM Santa (to arrive in December):  $25.00

  • Letters FROM Santa can also be ordered separately from the Photo Sessions

Letters FROM Santa

Believe in the magic of Christmas!  

Every letter is customized in the Spirit of Santa, (written by Tammy, his secretary) based on the questionnaire filled in by you who know them best, and are personalized so that letters to siblings are not the same.

There are different questionnaires for the different ages of the recipient to capture the different stages and phases in their lives. 

EVERYONE is on The Nice List - no exceptions and no mention of The Naughty List will be included in the letters.

Please download and complete the appropriate questionnaire(s) for the age(s) of the receivers and return those to me within 48 hours of pre-ordering your letters so there is plenty of time for the writing the letter, for the penguins to bring them to the reindeer and for the reindeer to deliver them to the postal service, aka USPS.   

For maximum magic, you might want to consider popping the letters into the freezer for a bit before they are tucked into the designated finding spot, after all, they have just arrived from the North Pole. 


When you decide to give the child the letter is completely up to you (upon arrival to excite the season or Christmas week to excite even more!!), letters will be sent on December 11th/12th and should arrive to your home by the the 15th.

Questionnaire Links:

Baby's First Christmas

Young Child

School Aged Child


Sender Information 

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